An RRSP is a tax deferred investment account designed for saving towards retirement years. Registered with the federal government, RRSPs have special tax benefits. Contributions made to an RRSP can be deducted on a tax return and can reduce the amount of tax paid. An RRSP allows taxpayers to defer paying taxes on retirement savings until funds are withdrawn.
A TFSA is a registered savings account that allows eligible Canadian residents to earn investment income tax-free inside the account. Contributions to the account are not deductible for tax purposes and withdrawals from the account are not taxable.
A RRIF is introduced to provide income during the years following retirement. It is established by transferring the accumulated funds from an RRSP where they will remain in a tax-sheltered environment.

Following the year in which the RRIF is established, the annuitant is required to take a minimum withdrawal (payment) as determined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
An RESP is a Canadian savings plan designed to assist its subscriber (parent or legal guardian) save for their children's post-secondary education. The RESP provides its subscriber with direct access to apply for the Canada Education Savings Grant and is a means of generating tax-deferred income.

The Family RESP permits one or more beneficiary. All beneficiaries must be connected to the Subscriber by blood or adoption.

The Individual RESP permits only one beneficiary. There is no requirement to be connected to the Subscriber by blood or adoption.
A Locked-In Account originates from a company or government pension plan. Unlike RRSPs, contributions cannot be made to Locked-In Accounts nor can de-registrations (withdrawals) be requested. These accounts cannot be cashed in or be used for programs such as the Home Buyers Plan. Some legislations allow exceptions to the Locked-In rules which can provide the annuitant options to withdraw in-cash or transfer to an RRSP. The rules differ based on the legislation (Federal or Provincial).
A Non-Registered Account is an option for Canadian residents who wish to invest in alternative financial solutions. The Non-Registered Accounts offer secure record keeping, automated tax reporting and no contribution limits for both individuals and corporations.